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My thoughts on art and experience I'd like to share

I created this page in order to share my thoughts, opinions and experience in art.
I love to paint. I also love contemporary art in all its variety with all the different styles there are out there! I also love portraits - in all media, of all levels of artists, from beginners to real masters. Human faces fascinate me and are my favorite subject to paint. I am a regular visitor to the National Portrait Gallery and the BP Portrait award is by far my favourite event of the year!
I am also fascinated with a contemporary art style of photorealism and hyperrealism. I know I am very well capable of painting realistic figurative paintings, however I have not yet explored the true depth and dimention of hyperrealism, perhaps not even touched the surface. This is a chellenge that I would love to embark on at some point...
I have to be honest, I have many ideas and would love to implement them all. Where does one start? I will be updating the page shortly with more details on my upcoming projects. They might seem surprising but I am certainly excited. I would also like to share some practical techniques I use as an artist so watch this space!

I love beautiful things and feel this website has a lot of great products to offer at truly great prices:
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