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Graphics and multimedia

Apart from being a painter Liliya is a multimedia and visual artist and has produced projects such as graphic work, created illustrations for an award-winning childrens book on ecology as well as a very successful printed advertisement.
View graphic work examples »

Watch the video of the portrait of the late Pepe Abed in his Fishing Club

Liliya has painted many successful portraits, one of which was highly praised by the sitter and the press.
View article in French published by the Lebanese magazine La Revue du Liban .
At the presentation ceremony, Mr. Abed had presented the artist with a personally hand-crafted jewelery piece as a token of his gratitude.

One of the multimedia projects that Liliya has produced is an conceptual video work that explores physical and virtual boundaries and the extent to which Virtual Reality Installation Users feel immersed during their VR experience. Follow the link below to watch the full video:

Open video hereWatch the video of the final course project Liliya produced towards her MA degree