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What the customers are saying...

Here are some of the "Thank you" letter Liliya has received form the colleagues and managers while working at Sun Microsystems:

...I want to thank you both for your team's support on this pivotal project that will leverage the PES database to simultaneously deliver new Sun partner directories for 12 countries. Special thanks go to the Lilya Azarina, xxxx* and xxxx* for completing 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Take a bow!...

Sun Partner Directory
Channel Partner Marketing - Communications
*names removed to protect persons' identity for privacy purpose
Great to see notes like this from the Partner space, thanks for your work on this one...

Director -Global Web Content
Nice work Liliya and team: Global Sun Partner Directory - Phase 1

Global Web Publishing European Teams
Sun Microsystems
...You are faster than lightning! Where can I turn in my vote to Tom that elects you as the "Employee of the Month"? ...

marketeam - Gesellschaft für Marketing und Werbung mbH

1.Email sent by my Manager to the Marketing Director:

The new homepage is now live on Russia:

Delivered by our GWC Russian language web producers Liliya and xxxxx

2.Response from the Director:
“This was an accomplishment I was not sure I would ever see. : )”

Global Web Publishing European Teams
Sun Microsystems

2.Director -Global Web Content

many thanks for all the good work below, especially the difficult task of preparing the Solaris content for Russia's legacy publishing arrangement


Global Web Publishing European Teams
Sun Microsystems