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How we became immersed...

Watch the video of the final course project Liliya produced towards her MA degree in Digital Media that explores the idea of immersion in Virtual Reality installations submitted alongside with the dissertation, both titled "How we became immersed: new tools of media interaction". This digitally produced video is an abstract piece exploring work of two contemporary virtual reality and interactive istallation artists Mette Ramsgard Thomsen and Graham Nicholls that kindly agreed to be interviewed for my final project as well as provided me with and allowed me use examples of their work to produce the video. I am especially grateful to Graham Nicholls for his time and for supporting me throughout my preparation of the dissertation and the project.

I also used some shots from the movie "Solaris" by Andrei Tarkovsky that explores the idea of both the physical and perceived realities in the outer space. It is the dynamic of this film that inspired me to create this video piece in the way that I have. The rest of the film was shot in various parts of Brighton, some in the University of Sussex and some on the seafront as it was the physical space that surrounded and influenced me. The main idea of the video is the physical/virtual space relationship exploration, where and how physical/virtual boundaries exist, whether and where they begin and end in Virtual Reality/interactive installations and how I perceive the works produced by the two artists from my own perspective taking into account not only theirs but also my own views and experience as an artist.
Please be patient while the video loads.